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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  August 26, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and women here are on edge. >> it definitely make messner vows. i have somebody walk with me at night. and also in the early mornings too. >> my girls always go outside to play. oh my god. i'm not so much scared for me because i figure i could pretty much defend myself. but i worry about the children. >> reporter: just a week after that first incident, police say the suspect struck again, this time come to an apartment complex here on sunshine place where he actually entered a woman's apartment. >> he actually climbed into was an open window and stood there nearly maked in front of his victim. she had the light on so, she could see him clearly and gave the officers a good description of him. >> reporter: the attacks happened within a few blocks of each other. police believe the flasher may live in the neighborhood. they're hoping this sketch of the man and the distinctive mole on the left side of his face may help lead to his capture before he strikes again. in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc 2 news.
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>> anyone with information on the suspect's identity is asked to call the baltimore county police department at 410-307-46- 2020, or metro crimestoppers at 1-866-7-lock-up. tributes continue to pour in tonight for senator ted kennedy. the last surviving brother of a political dynasty died at his home on cape cod after battling brain cancer. terry joins us now with reaction from local lawmakers. >> reporter: marybeth, president barack obama says an important chapter in the country's history has ended. many are hailing ted kennedy tonight as the greatest united states senator of our time. he is being remembered as a champion for the poor, senior citizens, and health care for all americans. and maryland senator barbara mikulski says senator kennedy was a fierce add for equality, who changed the world for the better. kennedy was 77 and served some
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46 years. flags at the world trade center in downtown baltimore are at half-staff in memory of kennedy. >> making sure that this country is open to justice and equality for all people. he really was a voice, in some cases alone to provide opportunities for so many people. and we benefit here in the city as a result of that. >> for decades, senator kennedy has been a stalwart in our community, fighting for children, fighting for our seniors, and for the best interests of millions of families across our nation. >> white house official says president obama will speak at services for senator kennedy, though it's not clear which service just yet. kennedy will lie in repose for two days at the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum in boston. there will be a memorial service friday night. the funeral now set for saturday morning in boston, followed by burial at arlington national cemetery.
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terry owens, abc 2 news. >> senator kennedy spoke at last summer's democratic national convention, and said health care was the cause of his life. on our website, we're asking the question, do you think senator kennedy's death will make it more difficult for a compromise on health care reform in log on to and look on the right side of our home page. you may vote in our online pole. friends and family paid their last respects today to a naval academy graduate. a ceremonial flyover and tribute to matthew freeman of richmond hills of georgia. funeral services were held today at the naval academy in annapolis. freeman, a 2002 graduate of the academy was killed in action on august 7th. he was a volunteer liaison on assignment in afghanistan. he had just been married three weeks. freeman received the purple heart and the bronze star. we're learning more about a murder in northwest baltimore.
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authorities say 40-year-old nolan evans was shot yesterday afternoon at the corner of liberty heights avenue and garrison boulevard. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police tell us evans was on probation at the time of the shooting. no suspects yet. a suspected serial robber is in the hospital and will soon be behind bars after his victims fought back. 39-year-old mark lomax was picked up after a robbery spree that started earlier this month. police say lomax robbed several businesses 17 times by implying that he had a gun. he even hit some of the stores more than once, but eventually one victim fought back. >> right when he turned his back, i saw a baseball bat behind the counter, and i started hitting him with it, and he was blocking himself with his hands. i guess that's how he broke his arm. >> police picked up lomax while waiting for him outside another location they thought he would rob. he faces 17 counts of robbery after he receives medical attention for the broken arm. the maryland board of
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public works has given unanimous approval to more than $450 million in budget cuts. the plan includes layoffs for more than 200 state workers, and furlough days. and that's not all. abc 2's roosevelt leftwich tells us about cuts in state services that say many will hurt who need hope the most. >> reporter: the state has to do more with less. that's a fine thing to say if you're not the one who has to buy food and pay your bills with less. >> the price of everything is increasing. and i don't have any luxuries. so i don't have cable. i don't have things like that, because i really can't afford it. i really can't afford it. i'm bare bones already. >> reporter: but she considers herself lucky. it's a reduction in pay for her, but others won't be so fortunate. the biggest loss of jobs will come from mental health and hygiene, 175 jobs gone through layoff or vacancy. public safety and correction also lose 88 jobs, and the
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department of transportation will lose 66. and when you add in the losses from other departments through layoff and unfilled vacancy, 363 jobs will be eliminated. state employees say with fewer people, it will take longer to get things done. >> it would be a better idea to look at some places that aren't out in the public. the people who work the counters and work with the public are the people who are, you know, affected by these cuts. >> reporter: community health providers are some of the biggest losers here. they interest ones that provide services ranging from aid to children that have disabilities to programs for the elderly. the reduction in their funding means that fewer people will be helped. health service providers say the cuts impact the state's most vulnerable population, and with the closing of upper shore and spring grove mental health centers, the need will be especially great. >> i mean, if we are forced to discharge the people that are costing us so much more than what we're being reimbursed, they're going to be forced to go into situation, nursing homes, institutions.
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in some cases they may end up staying home with family members. >> reporter: but with the cuts approved, it will now be a matter of dealing with less, and that share could get even smaller if the economy does not improve. >> a real prices that are going to affect our revenues. so i think we're going to be back here seven, eight, 9th time. it's a very bleak picture as far as state revenues. >> reporter: in annapolis, roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> state will hold special job search seminars for laid off employees and they'll also receive a special preference with state jobs when the state starts to hire again. today video lottery commissioners toured a proposed casino site, a slot site in south baltimore. it was once the home of the maryland chemical company. commissioners say they have already visited proposed locations, including ocean downs in ocean city and perryville in cecil county. >> we are currently going throughout the various proposed
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locations to look at the sites, to hear from the proponents about the sites, to hear from today the former development corporation as well, and to hear public comments. >> commissioners say on september 9th, they'll be meeting at anne arundel mills and have a public hearing in annapolis. they hope to have a decision on proposed casino sites by this fall. even though it was warm, sticky day, no precipitation showing up right now on maryland's most powerful radar. nice clear scan. it's going to stay that way through late tomorrow night. sheer your forecast for the next couple of hours. partly cloudy, humid. temperatures will hold right around 86 degrees. some showers are on the way. and some of those could be associated with tropical storm danny. what are we talking about? we'll tell you, coming up in our forecast. looks like fewer people will head out of town this year for the long labor day weekend. that's despite lower gasoline prices and an abundance of holiday deals. aaa estimates that 39 million people will travel at least 50 miles from home. that's 6 million fewer
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travelers than last year. the auto club says with labor day falling almost a full week later this year, many kids will have already returned to school. you'll be able to take that dream vacation if you win the mega millions drawing. the grand prize is growing. it's huge. the jackpot is rolled over because no one matched the numbers in last night's $252 million. and that means friday night's jackpot will be worth at least $325 million. much more to come on abc 2 news at 6. coming up, we'll meet a local man who is being treated for the same type of cancer ted kennedy had. plus, the faa is investigating southwest airlines. what the carrier is accused of doing. well, our 2-degree guarantee for today was 90 degrees. the high officially at bwi today hit 88. so we did hit that 2-degree guarantee. our winner today of an abc 2 umbrella gilda of baltimore. congratulations. you scored an abc 2 umbrella. we'll be back with our forecast right after this.
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senator ted kennedy is being remembered around the country tonight. he of course lost his 16-month battle with brain cancer early this morning. abc 2 news health reporter kelly swoope talked with a man who knows kennedy's struggle all too well. >> reporter: marybeth, kennedy had glioblastoma. that's a type of brain cancer that affects about 15,000 people a year in this country. as we know the outcome is often unfortunately deadly. but one baltimore man is hoping to beat those odds. >> well, i got a little upset, you know. i mean, i have known about the kennedys ever since i was a kid. >> reporter: joe took kennedy's death a little harder than most. he shares something sad with
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the senior senator. he has the same kind of brain cancer. he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in june. the 59-year-old is now undergoing weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. while his cancer was the worst, stage 4, he knows all cases are different. >> what i'm hoping is that things will work out better for me than what they did for him. if not, i have to live with it. >> a relatively younger age, as well as his performance tests are how well he is doing are somewhat in his favor. >> reporter: the doctor says the odds were stacked against senator kennedy. >> what went unfortunately against ted kennedy was his age. people who are in their 70s tend to have worse outcome as they have diseases that are more aggressive. >> reporter: while vis' brain
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surgery was successful last month, he still doesn't know what the future holds. >> i tell patients that what i'm offering him is a good quality of life for as long as possible. >> reporter: joe won't know if the cancer is back until october, when he has his first mri. until then, eis taking his life one day at a time. >> it's scary, but you got to get with the flow, and i think everything will work out. keep praying, and hope my friends keep praying too. >> a couple of extra prayers tonight. >> i thank you. i really do. >> reporter: the doctor says the median survival rate is about a year and a half for people diagnosed with this kind of brain cancer. now half of those diagnosed and treated will make it to that point. the other half could live longer. senator kennedy lived nearly 16 months. kelly swoope, abc 2 news. >> thanks, kelly. and tonight abc will air a news special called remembering ted
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kennedy. it will be anchored by diane sawyer and charlie gibson. you can see it right here. prime time crime will be peremptoried. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> now you can watch what is going to happen with danny. >> yesterday we were talking this disorganized area of low pressure that could develop into danny. we keep an eye on it. it did develop into danny. right now it looks like danny is going to move along the coastline, a little farther out into the atlantic than what they were originally talking about, which is good. we're still going to have some rough surf. we'll still see rain out of it. doesn't look like it's going to be mahay juror situation. let's take a look outside right now. the shot from harbor cam overlooking the downtown area. temperature at bwi thurgood marshall 87 degrees. 48% humidity. wind currently from the west southwest at 9. pressure steady 29.97. there are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. a low tide at 8:15 in the
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morning. high tide after the noontime hour at 12:24. our winds from the east at 6 to 12 miles per hour. the sun comes up at 6:30. we'll set at 7:44. low was 67 degrees. the high today 88 degrees. we did hit our 2-degree guarantee. but look at hagerstown and winchester, virginia. also ocean city, a high today of 94 degrees. current temperatures across the region right now. everybody is cooled off substantially. and it's going to get even cooler by tomorrow morning, and tomorrow more heat and humidity. there is the picture of danny right there, just north of puerto rico. throughout the past 12 to 18 hours. danny continues to organize just a tiny bit. a pretty good area of shower and thunderstorm activity right there. now to kind of orient there, there is florida, virginia, the maryland area. so danny is kind of in close, but it's in the process of turning northward. here is what the national hurricane center is saying about danny. right now the winds are 45 miles per hour. moving towards the west northwest at 10 miles per hour. it's currently 564 miles east of miami.
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national hurricane center thinks that danny is going to curve up the eastern seaboard and brush by the region. but as you can see, they actually moved the track about 100 miles farther to the east. and what they were thinking earlier this morning, which means along the eastern seaboard, we will see some high tide rip currents. we'll see some rain and cloud out of it. maybe a little breezy condition on the eastern shore. but here in baltimore, it doesn't look like we're going to see a major effect from dan anymore. as far as our satellite picture throughout the day today, lots of sunshine this morning. a few light clouds this afternoon and this evening. but as we go through the evening hours, these clouds are going to be dissipating. right now nothing showing up on maryland's most powerful radar. but late tonight after midnight, that's when the showers will start moving in. reistertown at 86. 85 in germantown. arnold at 85 degrees. 89 in arnold, 85 in fallston, excuse me. and our forecast for tonight, the few clouds that we have around right now will dissipate as the evening goes along. then during the day tomorrow, we start out with some sunshine, and the clouds start
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to thicken up. here comes danny moving up the eastern seaboard. on friday it looks like we're going to be seeing friday evening and into early saturday morning. that's when danny will breeze by giving us rainfall. tonight 71 for the low. during the day tomorrow, another warm day. partly cloudy with showers arriving probably 3:00 in the morning. so after midnight. and the extended outlook for the next seven days, the shower and thunderstorm activity on friday and saturday. and then on sunday some scattered showers. same thing on monday. cooler temperatures with sunshine on tuesday and wednesday. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. let's throw it over to rob! john harbaugh would not bite when asked about bart scott's comments after the game monday night. bart had said rex ryan was the real head coach of the ravens last year. harbaugh just said, quote, we don't have any rear view mirrors in our car, so let's look forward. after a long training camp in westminster, most of the starting positions are already sewn up.
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but as always, there are spots available at the end of the roster. the next two weeks will take care of that. >> we have a lot of battles going on. there is a lot as you call them bubble guys right now. guys that could make it. and the thing i think is really important to understand, our players have to understand, you're not going to back your way into this football team. you have to earn your way on to this football team there is too many good players here. >> mark clayton was back in the practice field, rehabbing that hamstring injury there are reps available for a few receivers. kelley washington is trying to earn some playing time. he had only one catch against the jets for 22 yards and was not afraid to show some attitude after earning that first down. washington has been animated throughout training camp. derrick mason thinks it's a welcome addition. >> he brings a, you know, attitude to an offense that you need. you know, he goes out there and he is having fun.
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whether he gets a first down or a touchdown, it's the same to him. it's exciting. and that's the way you're supposed to play the game. >> by the way, the jets named mark sanchez the starter today, despite the fact he looked completely overwhelmed monday night. the orioles have the worst road record in the american league. they try to avoid being swept tonight in minnesota. jeremy guthrie gets the start. rough night for felix peay last night. nolan reimold singled. but peay loses sight of the ball. he looks like he has no idea. he should have been on third. he eventually scored, but that should not happen. in the 6th inning, reimold would foul out. for some unknown reason, peay tries to tag from second base there is no way he was going to make it to third. he gets tagged out. peay can be very frustrating to watch at times. so again, we'll have highlights tonight of the orioles game on the latest at 11. that's your sports. i'm rob carlin. we wrap up the news right after this.
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okay, travelers, listen up. us airways is raising its first and a second checked bag fees by $5 each. the carrier will charge now $20 for the first checked bag, and 30 for the second. and that's only when bags are checked online. passengers will also pay an extra $5 per bag when checking in at the airport. federal officials say a
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maintenance company hired by southwest airlines used unauthorized parts for repairs on some older jets. the parts must be replaced. but engineers say they are not considered an immediate threat. regulators say southwest can continue to fly planes for ten days while it looks into how to fix the problem. kennedy. it is a name that has been synonymous with politics for more than four decades. tonight we're remembering ted, the youngest. and for the past dozen years or so, the most prominent of that fabled family. plus, the u.s. postal service continues to struggle in these tough times. the latest moves designed to cut costs at our nation's largest letter carrier. clouds gradually increase tomorrow with a high of 87 degrees. and then as danny breeze business the eastern seaboard, we'll see the effects with some scattered showers on friday, saturday, and sunday. we'll talk again tonight with the latest on danny at 11. >> thanks, norm. that's all for us on abc 2 news at 6. i'm marybeth marsden. thanks for joining us. we'll be back here tonight at 11. we hope to see you then. have a great evening.
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senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her, thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future, it's life.


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